Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs

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Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs

Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs

Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps

Our durable Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs, when used in conjunction with our SBT Series Sealed Bottom Tubes, create a donation canister that is the perfect choice for your fundraising campaign. The end plugs are the same as our PRP Series plugs, but feature a 1/4" x 1-1/4" coin slot.

Available for 2-1/2" and 3" nominal size tubes.

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Standard Colors
BLACK - Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps
RED - Polypropylene Fundraiser Containers
NATURAL - Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps

These colors are shown for reference purposes only. Your monitor and settings can greatly affect the colors. If requested, we can provide a sample of a specific color for evaluation purposes.

PCSP Size Chart

Default Description Product Line Color Nominal Size Box/Mini/Micro
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1 PRP2.500BLK-BT PCSP Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG BLACK W/COIN SLOT PCSP BLACK 2-1/2” 800 250 50
2 PRP3.000BLK-BT PCSP Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps - 3" BLACK POLY PLUG W/ COIN SLOT PCSP BLACK 3 ” 500 100 25
3 PRP2.500NAT-BT PCSP Donation Canister End Caps - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG NATURAL W/COIN SLOT PCSP NATURAL 2-1/2” 800 250 50
4 PRP3.000NAT-BT PCSP Plastic Donation Plugs - 3" POLY PLUG NATURAL W/ COIN SLOT PCSP NATURAL 3 ” 500 100 25
5 PRP2.500RED-BT PCSP Donation Tube Lids and End Caps - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG RED W/COIN SLOT PCSP RED 2-1/2” 800 250 50
6 PRP3.000RED-BT PCSP Polypropylene Fundraiser Containers - 3" POLY PLUG RED W/COIN SLOT PCSP RED 3 ” 500 100 25
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NOTE: Our closures are designed specifically to fit our own tubes. If you want to use our plugs for a different application, we suggest that you request a Sample before ordering.
* Specify length when ordering.
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