Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs


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Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs

Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs

Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps
Our durable Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs, when used in conjunction with our SBT Series Sealed Bottom Tubes, are the perfect choice for your fundraising campaign. They are the same as our PRP Series plugs, but feature a 1/4" x 1-1/4" coin slot.

Available for 2-1/2" and 3" nominal size tubes.

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Standard Colors
BLACK - Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps
RED - Polypropylene Fundraiser Containers
NATURAL - Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps

These colors are shown for reference purposes only. Your monitor and settings can greatly affect the colors. If requested, we can provide a sample of a specific color for evaluation purposes.

PCSP Size Chart

Reference #Style Description Product Line Color Nominal Size Box/Mini/Micro
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PRP2.500BLK-BT PCSP Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG BLACK W/COIN SLOT PCSP BLACK 2-1/2" 800/250/50
PRP3.000BLK-BT PCSP Plastic Coin-Slot Plugs and Caps - 3" BLACK POLY PLUG W/ COIN SLOT PCSP BLACK 3 " 500/100/25
PRP2.500NAT-BT PCSP Donation Canister End Caps - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG NATURAL W/COIN SLOT PCSP NATURAL 2-1/2" 800/250/50
PRP3.000NAT-BT PCSP Plastic Donation Plugs - 3" POLY PLUG NATURAL W/ COIN SLOT PCSP NATURAL 3 " 500/100/25
PRP2.500RED-BT PCSP Donation Tube Lids and End Caps - 2-1/2" POLY PLUG RED W/COIN SLOT PCSP RED 2-1/2" 800/250/50
PRP3.000RED-BT PCSP Polypropylene Fundraiser Containers - 3" POLY PLUG RED W/COIN SLOT PCSP RED 3 " 500/100/25
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NOTE: Our closures are designed specifically to fit our own tubes. If you want to use our plugs for a different application, we suggest that you request a Sample before ordering.
* Specify length when ordering.
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