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Sample Request

If needed, please provide specific information in the 'Comments' section regarding the sample parts you would like to receive (sizes, item number, etc).
Samples are shipped standard mail (USPS). If you require faster delivery, please provide your Fed Ex/UPS account number in your request.

Ultra-Thin Wall Round Tubes
Thin Wall Round Tubes
Heavy Wall Round Tubes
Square Tubes
Rectangular Tubes
Sealed Bottom Round Containers
Sealed Bottom Rectangular Containers
Sealed Bottom Square Containers
Hanging Tubes
Mailing Tubes
Round Vinyl Caps
Vinyl Hanger Caps
Round Polypropylene Plugs
Round Polypropylene Coin-Slot Plugs
Polypropylene Hanger Plugs
Square Polypropylene Plugs
Rectangular Polypropylene Plugs
Rectangular Flip-Top Plugs
Plastic Clear Caps
Plastic Candy Cane Tube Toppers

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